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Bay Area Photographer: (Professional) Freak-out

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Sunday, January 11 2015

Ok, picture this: a woman, walking alone in the dark, through an open field, with a flash-light, frantically searching the ground for something lost. Yep! That was me. And I lived one of my professional photographer fears that evening: losing my client’s photos. I had an awesome, fun, incredible family portrait session with these guys. I’ll get into this more shortly. Apparently the “fun” didn’t end when I drove away from Los Altos’ Hidden Villa. No! On a hunch, I decided to pull over, and account for the cards I had used during that evening’s appointment. During a regular portrait session, I usually shoot through one card, and start-up a second. My second was safely in my camera still. But[…]See more from “Bay Area Photographer: (Professional) Freak-out”

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