Monday, January 2 2017

San Carlos Family Photographer: After the rain

It’s been raining out here over the past month, which has been great. We’ve needed it, that’s for sure. As a photographer, however, I won’t lie — if I had my way, it would rain at night only… or preferably only Mondays through Thursdays.
Though I kind of got my wish for this family session, the ground was so, so muddy, I hadn’t seen mud formed quite so much before. I even posted an image on my Facebook wall of what we had to wade through. It was something else, to be sure. I brought my rain boots just in case something like this happened. Glad I did, because my regular cozy boots lucky fit S when they arrived. There’s no way her gorgeous suede booties were going to survive the trip through that mud.

One benefit of all that rain though? An amazing gorgeous sky. I had to take some images of it, so I can give S & R an accurate reproduction of the scene around us.

I’ve never been through that part of Edgewood Park before. I thought I’d seen it all, but this trailhead was gorgeous, and I’m so glad to have come across it. I was warned by friends that we HAD to stay on the path, which was fine by me. When it’s not muddy, I’d rather not compete for land-space with the local creepy crawlers.

San Carlos Family Photographer 01
San Carlos Family Photographer 02
San Carlos Family Photographer 03
San Carlos Family Photographer 04
San Carlos Family Photographer 05
San Carlos Family Photographer 06
San Carlos Family Photographer 07
San Carlos Family Photographer 08
San Carlos Family Photographer 09
San Carlos Child Photographer 10
San Carlos Anniversary Photographer 11

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