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Blurb Photo Books: Sample and Discount Codes

Have we talked family albums yet? Ok! Relax, I’m not trying to sell you anything! Well, OK, I’m kinda lying on that one: I’m telling you about a product I’ve been using for about 9 years now: I hope you will try them, but it’s of course your choice.

It’s Blurb! Yep, funny name. But it’s a good product.

I have a family blog I’ve been keeping for the last 6 years. While having an online journal has been a wonderful way to brain-dump, and share stories with our families, having something tangible to reflect on has been surprisingly rewarding. Blurb gives you an option to take all of your online blog entries and turn them into a book. Their default process takes about 5 minutes (although if you’re anal like me, you’ll take a week’s worth of evenings to position everything just so). I incorporate our blog entries and our photos. I love going back to stories of even just a few months ago, and re-living those moments. It easier to browse through our past in a book, than a web-site, I gotta admit. Plus, think of all the future dating-life opportunities I have to embarass our children. Oh, who am I kidding — physical books will be so 20th century by then!

I’ve made 13 blog books to date, a number of pure photo-books, and also 8 art books of my boys’ project each year.
YOU can make cookbooks with your family recipes (or maybe use it as a fundraiser idea for your school?)
You get the idea – lots of options.

Wanna see what they look like?

I’m very pleased with the quality. The pages feel good, and even the standard pages feel like a high-end magazine. For the price and quality it’s a really good combo. I’ve seen Target’s, Costco’s and Shutterfly’s sample books, and I’m just not won over.

The Booksmart application is pretty easy to use. It’s free. It comes with a wide array of templates, but if you’re anal retentive like me, you’ll love the custom template option too.

If Blurb’s cost feels a little high to you, I have a way to help you. I occasionally get some coupon codes I’ll share on this page. So bookmark it and come back when you’re ready to give Blurb a try and want to order your book.

Happy book-making!

Current Blurb Coupons:

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