Wednesday, June 25 2014

Belmont, CA Photographer: Model Call!

In my head I have a vision for a number of images I want to capture. They’re a stretch for me to grow as a photographer: whether it’s about portraits with a style of lighting I don’t usually rely on, a different approach to my work flow, or a whole new genre… it’s about learning experiences. And of course, a way to re-inspire myself and have fun.

One of the ideas I’ve been batting around in my head is a collaboration with an artist. We will transition from different media and genres to create a genuinely transformative experience. I want to tell you more, but I won’t! Ha! Sorry to tease, but I partly want it to be a surprise, but also want to protect this idea, because it is a little ambitious, and worried it might not work out. But if it does, it will be super cool!

The first phase of the project will require my contribution and I will need models. This is where YOU come in and I really hope you are interested in this challenge. We are not looking to do a FB contest. There will be no voting here, so please don’t worry that you might not have enough (insert-social-network-name here) friends to make it happen. The final model selection will be done by yours truly. Take a look at the criteria listed below, and submit if you’re interested. Please, also spread the word 🙂

Models will be paid $75 (cash or amazon gift-card) for their participation. I expect to take an hour of your time, although likely closer to 30 minutes. Each model will be photographed individually, and at a separate appointment.

All applicants must be:
–    over 8 years of age. No maximum age
–    able to illustrate a facial expression in response to an instruction
–    available on a week-end day prior to Aug 31, 2014. We will find a mutually convenient time
–    willing to pose in a bikini (ladies)/boxer briefs (dudes), or neutral-colored skin tight clothing
–    willing to agree to the following model release
–    able to travel to Belmont, CA

If you’re interested, please send in two pictures of yourself (or your applying child):
–    One showing your face clearly. Think something you’d use for your profile image
–    The other showing your face illustrating any one of the following emotions. Feel free to choose any one.
   –   surprise
   –   anger
   –   pure joy

Don’t worry about sending me anything fancy. A picture from your phone will do. Submit your photos via email.

All submissions must come in by 9pm PST July 6th.

I’m excited!

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