Monday, January 11 2016

San Carlos Child Photographer: A little surprise

Over a year ago, a friend of G’s reached out to me with a secret surprise gift for G’s baby shower. I was 1) super excited for G’s new adventure, and 2) really impressed that her friend had been paying attention, and wanted to give her the super thoughtful gift of captured memories with a photographer she likes.

G’s family welcomed a baby girl! This San Carlos child photographer has been photographing them since their younger guy was barely walking, and it’s great to see their brood grow.

Life gets busy. Plus whenever you add a new person into the family it’s a readjustment for everyone. So even though it had been more than a year that we got this gift certificate plan in action, this is the first G had had a chance to use it, and my first time to meet their little girl. Actually, come to think of it, I think I started photographing these guys when their younger guy was the same age as little miss. It’s great to see them grow!

If you’re considering getting a gift certificate for a friend, let’s talk about it. Photography is a very personal gift, as each person has a photographic style they prefer. It’s a bit like jewelry — beautiful only in the eye of the beholder. If you’re considering purchasing a gift certificate for one of my past clients, that’s an easy one. If you’re thinking about a certificate for someone I haven’t worked with before, if they’re a fan on Facebook, or have talked to you about me, that helps too. Otherwise, let’s have a conversation and see if I would be the best match. I’m never offended if I’m not (jewelry, remember?), and I’m glad to help recommend another photographer that would be a better fit if need be. Of course, though, I always hope it’s me 🙂

San Carlos Child Photographer 01
San Carlos Child Photographer 02
San Carlos Toddler Photographer 03
San Carlos Child Photographer 04
San Carlos Child Photographer 05
San Carlos Child Photographer 06
San Carlos Child Photographer 07
San Carlos Child Photographer 08
San Carlos Child Photographer 09
San Carlos Toddler Photographer 10
San Carlos Toddler Photographer 11
San Carlos Child Photographer 13
San Carlos Father Kids Photographer 12
San Carlos Family Photographer 14

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