Monday, June 20 2016

Foster City Child Photographer: There are squirrels!

Pssst! There are squirrels around here! Really! And if you’re really, really quiet, and offer up a pine-cone, they might come out.

Let’s see, as a child photographer I’ve sought out bears, bribed squirrels and have jumped around like a bunny (among probably many others), but this is probably the first time that my “pretend goal” actually realized. It turns out that Leo J Ryan Park, in Foster City, is not only a great spot for a family shoot, but also a great place to make friends with the little fur-tailed critters. Q and E had a blast trying to cojole them from trees with pine-cones. I also enjoyed getting Q to make silly faces for me showing me how squirrels hide food in their cheeks. Win, win, right?

Watching these two grow has been a real treat for me. I see them about every six months now, and watching their personalities evolve is a fabulous perk to being their family photographer.

I’m trying to make 2016 the year where I seek out new locations for family photo shoots, and revisit sites I haven’t been to in awhile. Leo J Ryan is one of those places. I loved morning the light as the sun rose over the trees, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. When working with families of small kiddos I like having a good repertoire of spots good for mornings. Hey — if the kids are going to be up at 6am anyway, why not do your family photos first thing in the day? They’re cheerful and in a good mood, and the cosmetics industry has already solved for the puffy, sleep-deprived look ;p

Foster City Child Photographer 01
Foster City Child Photographer 02
Foster City Child Photographer 03
Foster City Child Photographer 04
Foster City Family Photographer 05
Foster City Mothers Day Photographer 06
Foster City Mothers Day Photographer 07
Foster City Fathers Day Photographer 08
Foster City Child Photographer 09
Foster City Child Photographer 10
Foster City Child Photographer 11
Foster City Child Photographer 12
Foster City Child Photographer 13
Foster City Child Photographer 14
Foster City Child Photographer 15

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