Thursday, November 19 2015

Belmont Family Photographer: A bit of personality

Have you had anyone walk into your life, that you pair up with so well, that the idea of them not being there starts feeling weird? That’s a bit how I feel about these guys. We met through our youngest sons’ pre-school, only to discover we are neighbors. We each have two pairs of boys, same ages. Our kids get along well (they’re kind of each other’s BFFs), and my husband and I get along really with their parents. They’re great cooks, have an awesome taste in wine (let’s be clear — I’m talking about the parents here) and sense of humor. Hanging out with them has been some of the best way to spend week-end evenings. Our oldest sons share sports together, an affinity for Minecraft and Pokemon. Our littlest spend so much time together they have a sibling relationship with one another. I seriously couldn’t be happier.

They joined me in a mini session event, at a local business park I’ve had my eye on for a little while. I seriously interviewed for a job there, in part because of the cool architecture. I love the colors, and the textures, down to the orange patio chairs. The only unfortunate feature was the stinky garbage smell creeping our way. This was amusing to me because just a few weeks prior I had photographed G for some professional portraits for her. It was an awesome space, with the perfect background, but since the light was best by a set of garbage cans, we spent our time trying to look pretty while holding our breath. So clearly, when I’m with these guys “smelly trash” is the theme. It’s all good — apparently it’s our good luck charm for family photos and I’ll take it.

Hope you enjoy their photos — too bad the kids have so little personality ;p

Belmont Family Photographer 01
Belmont Family Photographer 02
Belmont Child Photographer 03
Belmont Child Photographer 05
Belmont Sibling Photographer 04
Belmont Sibling Photographer 06
Belmont Kid Photographer 07
Belmont Child Photographer 08
Belmont Child Photographer 09
Belmont Child Photographer 10
Belmont Couples Photographer 11

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