Wednesday, December 30 2015

San Carlos Mini Session Photographer: So big now

These guys were second in line day day of my San Carlos mini session event at North Crestview Park. After I bid good bye to my first family (of that evening), I turned around to see them; and I remember being so struck by how grown up E looked.

This is the first time she’s looked like a full on girl. The past two years she still felt like a toddler to me, but this year was the first I felt in the presence of a young girl. Ack! How is this possible? I’m not ready to see them all growing up like this. Aaaand also not quite ready to admit I’m getting older too 🙂

I look back on these photos now and on this chilly 45 degree day, I feel nice and warm again thinking back to this afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take a cold day over a hot one any time, but it’s nice to think back on those comfortable autumn California evenings. I love the way the sun set over the park that evening, and E was simply glowing in that sunlight.


San Carlos Child Photographer 01
San Carlos Child Photographer 02
San Carlos Child Photographer 03
San Carlos Child Photographer 04
San Carlos Child Photographer 05
San Carlos Child Photographer 06
San Carlos Family Photographer 07
San Carlos Family Photographer 08
San Carlos Family Photographer 09
San Carlos Family Photographer 10

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