Friday, January 1 2016

Menlo Park Family Photographer: Bad jokes

I really, really thought I would have finished posting all my family photo sessions of 2015 before the turn of the new year. Alas, didn’t happen. But… on the bonus side, I really can’t think of a better way to kick off posts in 2016 than this family photo session in Menlo Park.

This session was 200% a blast! Three boys, light saber fights, and bad jokes. I laughed a good way through it, at least.

Three boys! I am barely hanging on with two, so these guys have my admiration right there.

They’re all a little older since the last time we hung out, and even funner to be around. Being in an open park area certainly helped, because how can you go wrong with a place that provides you with an unlimited number of long, pokey sticks/aka ninja sticks/aka light sabers? They showed me their cool poses, and then while I was trying to take some snuggly poses of just their mom and dad proceeded to have a stick fight. Those smiling faces you see on Mom and Dad’s face? I’d like to tell you that’s the sign of love in many years of marriage. I mean, it probably is, but for sure it’s also the two of them laughing at the epic battle five feet away. I mean being romantic comes so natural when you have a three, five, and seven year old competing for last survivor right behind me, right?

Now… let’s talk about my jokes. I think I’m funny. Maybe not so much on the prepped jokes end, though. I was trying to get R to laugh by telling him the classic “Orange/Banana” joke. But I kept messing it up. Yeah, bad jokes. But maybe I was funny simply by how terrible I was at it. Ok, ok, I won’t start a stand up act any time soon.

Menlo Park Child Photographer 01
Menlo Park Family Photographer 02
Menlo Park Family Photographer 03
Menlo Park Family Photographer 04
Menlo Park Family Photographer 05
Menlo Park Family Photographer 06
Menlo Park Family Photographer 07
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