Monday, December 26 2016

San Mateo Mini Session Photographer: Not too seriously

This is now my third year photographing P and her guys and I look forward to it now each time. They are just some awesome people with great energy, that make my cheeks hurt each time we meet. This mini session was a little unusual. It was butted up to a regular session. I don’t do this too often, but when you have a family committed to making things work and is willing to get up at (literally) the crack of dawn, it happens.

This is probably the last year that P will be taller than her son. Though S, for sure, isn’t afraid to show her how standing up straight gets them at just about even. I know it’s hard to keep your littles little, though — as amazing is it is to watch them grow, sometimes it’s nice to be able to rewind, or pause time, and snuggle with their smaller form a bit longer.

Here’s to next year. Excited to see if in the race to height S will be taller than his mom.

San Mateo Family Photographer 01
San Mateo Mini Session Photographer 02
San Mateo Mini Session Photographer 03
San Mateo Mothers Day Photographer 04
San Mateo Mothers Day Photographer 05
San Mateo Mothers Day Photographer 06
San Mateo Mothers Day Photographer 07
San Mateo Mini Session Photographer 08
San Mateo Portrait Photographer 09
San Mateo Portrait Photographer 10
San Mateo Anniversary Photographer 11
San Mateo Anniversary Photographer 12

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