Saturday, February 11 2017

Belmont Family Photographer: Not quite a forrest

Right after Christmas I got a chance to photograph G and her boys again. I only had one request: it had to be in a specific spot I’ve been trying to find a reason to re-visit.

I get really excited when a spot I photograph in frequently shows me a whole new world and a new perspective. It gets me excited and re-invigorated to go there again.

Over Thanksgiving my kids introduced me to Pokemon Go, and as it so happens the start of Elevator Trail is a Pokestop. In one of our visits and Pokemon collections I looked up and saw a family of coniferous trees. While I’ve come to Elevator Trail many times, this was the first I saw them. But seeing the light come through them just made me giddy. I instantly had an image in my mind I wanted to create here (involving some Photoshop), and I cajoled G in helping me make it happen. While I am still working out my Photoshop kinks, here’s some mom & kid family portraits 🙂

Belmont Family Photographer 01
Belmont Family Photographer 02
Belmont Family Photographer 03
Belmont Family Photographer 04
Belmont Family Photographer 05
Belmont Family Photographer 06
Belmont Family Photographer 07
Belmont Family Photographer 08

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