Tuesday, December 1 2015

San Carlos Baby Photos: A baby break

Amongst the midst of fall mini sessions I break for newborn baby photos. When R emailed me in the summer to let me know they were expecting, I was really excited for them. New babies just make me happy: so much love, and promise come with that little package. They’re light (remember I’m living with a five and a seven year old these days, and give piggy back rides more frequently than I care to admit, so a newborn in comparison is a feather-weight), and have tiny little squeaks of a cry. It’s cute! I know that too a newborn mom those cries feel piercing, but to me, being so far removed, they’re cute. Makes me nostalgic. Not so much that I want to add another to our brood, but enough I just want to sit around holding a baby for a bit. But see, that’s one of the joys of doing what I do: I get to be around little ones.

Baby A slept for pretty much the whole time I was there. He was adorable. I’ve been bringing my own swaddles to my newborn sessions, just so that I could be sure I have some neutral, non-clashing wraps, but his monkey blanket was perfect. I just had to revisit my swaddling skills.

Now enjoy some baby snuggle shots below!

San Carlos Newborn Photographer 01
San Carlos Baby Portraits 02
San Carlos Baby Pictures 03
San Carlos Newborn Photographer 04
San Carlos Newborn Photography 05
San Carlos Newborn Photography 06
San Carlos Newborn Photography 07
San Carlos Baby Photos 08
San Carlos Baby Photos 09
San Carlos Baby Photos 10
San Carlos Baby Photos 11
San Carlos Baby Photos 12
San Carlos Newborn Photographer 13
San Carlos Kids Photography 14
San Carlos Newborn Photographer 15
San Carlos Newborn Photographer 16
San Carlos Child Photographer 17

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