Saturday, November 28 2015

Belmont Mini Session Photographer: Go with the fire hydrant

I vividly remember the holiday photo session I had for my family when our oldest was 4 and youngest was 2. The 4 year old? Not so much into photos. A family portrait of everyone looking at the camera? Not that year! The closest we got to having all 4 of us in the frame was when my husband and I doled out Oreo cookies and we had two mini sharks going for the cream filled, round cookie goodness. The two kids together in a shot alone? Didn’t happen. Still, it was a great session, and I love every photo. Why am I bringing this up? Because as a mom on the other side of the camera, I totally get it.

As a mini session photographer, I definitely try to get a variety of shots and combinations of family members. I want to get some of the family together, each parent with the kids, each kid on their own, and ideally one of the siblings together. That last one, is actually surprisingly hard, especially when at least one toddler is in the frame. Remember the photo of the two twins with their booties up in the air, while their sis was ready with her smile? Yeah, sometimes that’s as good as it gets.

These two little squish bugs though were pretty great. They held it together for almost all of our shots, except for the sibling one. The only time we could get the two of them in the same frame was around a fire hydrant. Hey, whatever it takes, right? I guess this is what happens, when you have a wee bit with a newly discovered affinity for speed, and freedom to move wherever he wants to go. On the bonus side, though, if you’re looking for holiday colors of red, this definitely covers it 🙂

Belmont Family Photographer 01
Belmont Family Photographer 02
Belmont Child Photographer 03
Belmont Child Photographer 04
Belmont Child Photographer 05
Belmont Family Photographer 06
Belmont Family Photographer 07
Belmont Family Photographer 08
Belmont Family Photographer 09

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