Tuesday, December 22 2015

Belmont Family Photographer: Small world

Do you want to hear a small world story? Ok! Background: We started teaching our kids how to swim from just about the time they got their polio vaccines. I’m a crummy swimmer, and have declared my kids will feel comfortable in the water and will get themselves out of a jam, if they need to. BTW — our youngest will smile ALL the way sinking to the bottom now. He’s a little too excited about being in a pool, and forgets to paddle. But I digress…
Our youngest son has a very unique name. I’m willing to bet that he is the only one with this name in the nearest 20 miles. At Kinds Swim Academy (my favorite swim school) we start and end the Parent & Me class with a Hello and Good Bye song, going over each kid in attendance. So my kiddo’s name sticks on you.
Fast forward to a few years later, when my oldest meets one of his best buddies in his pre-K class. It took us some time, as parents to get to know each other too, only to discover that we’ve known each other from that same swim class. Pretty cool eh? Our oldest kids are the same age and our youngest too. They both’ve shared pre-school classes over the past few years, and the oldest now to camps together during breaks (they bond over their love for all things Sport).
I’m super happy to have the opportunity to photograph them this year. They joined me in the mini session event I held for a few families in our pre-school, and it worked out great. This Belmont family photographer might have to do the same again next year 🙂

Belmont Family Photographer 01
Belmont Family Photographer 02
Belmont Family Photographer 03
Belmont Family Photographer 04
Belmont Family Photographer 05
Belmont Family Photographer 06

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