Sunday, July 3 2011

Mountain View Maternity Photographer: Soon

I won’t lie to you. Many of the faces that have graced the pages of this blog are those of people that I have the privilege of calling friends outside of being a photographer. Nepotism aside, I am flattered when they ask me to document significant milestones in their life.

Like M. She and A (and the rest of us) are anxiously awaiting the birth of their little girl at the end of this month. And today was about celebrating the past 36 weeks. Actually, much more than that. My time with M and A was more like a Sunday morning, hanging out, where I just so happened to have my camera. I had a great time. A did a stellar job getting as comfortable in front of my lens as he could get, and I felt privileged to capture some very beautiful and intimate moments between him and M. Thank you guys!

Can’t wait for that birth announcement!

b-B-2011-07-03-001 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-002 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-003 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-004 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-005 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-006 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-007 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-008 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-009 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-010 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-011 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-012 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-013 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-014 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-015 by Zemya Photography
b-B-2011-07-03-016 by Zemya Photography

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