Monday, February 9 2015

Bay Area Newborn Photography: A new life

Little E has been one very awaited little man. He took his sweet time to make his appearance, to a point I was proposing rescheduling his newborn photography photo shoot. I usually schedule my newborn sessions at least a few weeks past a due date, but he had us going all the way to the wire. S had gotten to a point where her identity had become “the pregnant lady”. Eh — worthy title for the mama of such a cute nugget. And he really IS adorable.

S, M and (now) E live in Portola Valley. For those of you not quite familiar with the Bay Area — it neighbors Palo Alto on the Peninsula. I’ve never ventured on that side of 280 (except for the one time I got lost!), and my jaw I’m pretty sure was agape all the way to their front door. It’s seriously a slice of heaven. I drove by beautiful roads, with rustic fences, amazing landscaping: from the well manicured to the forgotten tall grasses and early flowers. It’s a photographer’s dream, and I imagined myself trespassing on SO many properties ;p I’m really going to invest some time in finding some public spaces out here because it was seriously beautiful. Oh — and there was the lady I drove past who was taking her horse on a morning ride. S, if you lived closer, I’d volunteer to bring you groceries just so I can drive through your neighborhood, more often! As I said: heaven!

When I arrived E was napping happily in his swing. As much as I hate to bother a newborn baby during his slumber, I had to grab some photos of E in his amazing nursery. It’s beautiful, and cozy, and perfect! And those Darth Vader throw pillows really show you the sense of style and humor he’ll grow around.

E joins a home already occupied by two four-legged siblings. Jub-jub and Maggie were very eager to join us for pictures. Usually cats are so indifferent to me that I struggle to get them involved. Not so that day: the two were eager to make their household presence known and documented. Actually while I was trying to get some solo portaits of little E, Jub-jub planted himself square behind his younger brother and refused to move. He NEEDED to be in the photos. It’s all good: typically I deal with toddler siblings. I can handle a protective older-brother cat : )

Welcome, E! Congrats S and M! I’m very, very excited for you. E is lucky to have you as parents, and I’m lucky to be invited to document these moments with you. I hope to see you grow.

01 Bay Area Baby Photography
02 Bay Area Baby Portraits
03 Bay Area Baby Photography
04 Bay Area Baby Photography 1
05 Bay Area Baby Photography 1
06 Bay Area Baby Photo Shoot
07 Bay Area Family Portraits
08 Bay Area Baby Photography 1
09 Bay Area Baby Photography 1
Bay Area Newborn Photography
Bay Area Newborn Photography
Bay Area Infant Photography
Bay Area Newborn Photography
Bay Area Newborn Photography
Bay Area Family Photography
Bay Area Infant Portraits
Bay Area Newborn Portraits
Bay Area Newborn Photography

I sang this song to our littlest almost nightly. I still do, upon request, to my boys. So this pillow gives me the feels.

Bay Area Newborn Photo Shoot

Jennifer drew this picture for S: her Fairy godmother. It’s hanging in the nursery, where S gets to gaze at is as she rocks little E. It’s incredibly special, and I’m so glad Jennifer gave her this amazing gift.

Bay Area Newborn Photo Shoot

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